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Women Fitness Boot Camp
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"How Would You Like to Be Part of Michigan’s Only Guaranteed Fitness Boot Camp for Women and Lose Up to 8 Pounds Every 4 Weeks With Your Very Own Personal Trainer..... and it's 110% GUARANTEED!"

Thank you for your interest in Better Life Fitness’s most popular and effective health and fitness boot camp for women.

If you want to tone up your muscles, lose stubborn body fat, increase your energy levels and jump start your metabolism all while having fun with other like minded women, then this may be the most important letter you've ever read.

Why is it that important? Because.....

"You'll Get Results at Better Life Fitness Boot Camps or I'll Personally Give
You All Your Money Back Plus An
Additional $20, No Questions Asked!"


"As a child and young adult I have never struggled with weight issues or had to "diet". I was one of those kids with a great metabolism. I could eat whatever I chose and burn it right off. Right through my early 20s even after giving birth to 2 children I was able to keep my weight right around 135 pounds. After giving birth to my third child my weight stayed around 140 with out physical activity , then in less than a year I weighed close to 160 pounds!!! I had no knowledge of what was happening to my body. Remember I was used to the easy path when it came to eating and exercise. All of my life, outside of my mothers home cooked meals, I consumed lots of mess such as fast food, junk food, candy, etc. So when I started picking up weight I didn't know what to do .
That all changed at the end of February 2008. The Lord had been impressing upon me about being a better steward over my body and I did really want to "get it together". I joined the women only bootcamps by Brenda Woody. I honestly could not complete a 30 minute workout and struggled with basic exercises. That was a definite eye opener into how I had been neglecting my body for so many years. I joined the women only boot camp program offered by Elder Randy and Brenda Woody and purposed in myself to get the most out of the class as possible. I began emailing Elder Randy my meals on a daily basis for feedback and accountability. Elder Randy and Brenda explained to me how the body works and I kept at it. I eat right, work out consistently in and outside of Better Life Fitness Center. Well Praise God!!!! Six weeks into my fitness regimen I weighed in at 149 pounds a 10 pound weight loss. I am more excited about the valuable life long information that the Woody's have blessed me with and I give God the glory because I know that he orchestrated this path to me.



This has been a year of discovery and learning for me. Oh where do I begin? My first contact with you was in February of 2007, while home flat on my back unable to walk. I was referred to you by a wonderful co-worker. I told you about my health issues. And you did what I thought was the strangest thing. You prayed for me. Me, a total stranger!!!!! You prayed for my full recovery and told me to come see you once I got better. There was not doubt in your voice that I would get better. I couldn't wait to meet you. That one prayer has changed my life and whole household. Since starting to train at Better Life Fitness Center, in April of 2007. My life has changed drastically. I’ve learned About the three elements I must follow to have a healthy and lean body. First was strength training, second was cardiovascular training, and third was good nutrition. I Love that the aerobics training sessions are proceed with prayer. I look forward to all my training sessions. When I started I weighted in at 235 pounds. As of Tuesday, April 25, 2008, I now weight 188.8 pounds according to my doctor and we both are sure that my LDL and other blood work counts have improved. I’ve gone down (6) pants sizes, count them 24,22,20,18. Praise God !!!!!!!! But above all things there is peace in my heart about food and working out on regular basis. I’ve also learned to say no to bad choices for me pertaining to home, kids and work. I’ve been able to go on vacations and come back having lost weight. Yeah, that is truly a first. My husband is so proud of me and is always encouraging. This May he and I are going hiking in Red Rock Canyon. So Elder, you see that one prayer for a total stranger over the phone breathed life into me. And I’m sure that now living a spirit filled and healthy lifestyle has added years to my life." Thank you for the Better Life Fitness Women Only Bootcamps.

Praise God for You & Brenda
Gwen B


At the age of 53, I weighed 310 lbs. After watching my senior pastor pass away at a younger age, it was obvious to me that if I did not do something, I would cut short my own life. I started first by getting a physical. I had cholesterol of 268, blood pressure of 140/90, a resting pulse rate of 90 (70 is normal), abnormally low hormone levels, sleep apnea and psoriasis. Next, I had to get a plan of how I was going to lose this weight. I looked at a hospital-sponsored plan; I looked at eating plans from Nutri-System and South Beach. I then realized that I had to make a decision to get some professional help from fitness experts that would help me make the right decisions in eating and put me on a plan, not just to lose weight, but also to change my lifestyle. I had to make an investment in my life that would last a lifetime. The answer was The Better Life Fitness Center. I made a decision to submit myself to Randy and Brenda Woody. I must admit it wasn’t easy. I had to completely change not only what I ate but also when I ate (4 -5 smaller meals every day). I had to lift weight (boy I sure felt weak). Then I had to start adding regular cardiovascular workouts to help cut the weight. As time went on, what seemed to be something that seemed to be a struggle got gradually easier for me. Every month, I would see the scale move. Sometime 10-15 lbs a month, sometimes just 5. A lifestyle of health and fitness became a regular part of my life. I fell in love with it. I lost 130 lbs. My cholesterol went down to 172. My blood pressure is 110/70 and my resting pulse rate is 70. My psoriasis is non-existent. I sleep much better. People tell me that I look like I am in my 30”s. The great thing about this is I lost it gradually. I developed sound eating and exercise habits that will extend my life indefinitely. I have more energy, my mind is sharper, and I am more productive. Making changes in your personal fitness habits is difficult. It is not a quick fix. By submitting to the expertise of The Better Life Fitness Center, I was able to over come my obesity to transform my life. I am thankful for the assistance of Randy and Brenda Woody they knew exactly how to direct me and how to motivate me in transforming my whole life

M. Krowisz


I just wanted you to know that I am SO GRATEFUL for you. I look forward to seeing you every single session ~ I get excited all day for it! I can't tell you what your program has done for my confidence. I feel so good and my body and mind are becoming stronger; I feel so much more in control and stable. Of course, my energy is high too. I know how to eat and exercise to maintain my energy and mood. It’s amazing how much control we can have over the way we feel, just by adjusting the foods we eat! When I began the women only bootcamps (just a couple months ago) I weighed about 165 pounds. I was not eating right at all, and I wasn't exercising. Now, I weigh 143 pounds, and I have gone from a size 10 (a very tight size 10) to a size 6. BUT, that is not the most interesting change. When I was in the Air Force (over 8 years ago) I also weighed 143, but I was still a size 10! I wasn't in great shape - we exercised, but it was aerobic only. So I would say I was in decent health, but I was still "fluffy." In fact, for most of my adult life I have been a size 10. But now I'm the same weight I was then, only 2 sizes smaller ~ it's all muscle baby! I seriously can't thank you enough for all the encouragement, wisdom, and exhortation you have given me. I believe that I receive your ANOINTING to be healthy and feel good. Going to your women only bootcamps is not just about exercising, although I love it, but for me its about answering a call God gave me: to live longer and be ready and able to contribute to the kingdom as God asks of me. I love you guys! You don't know how precious and important you are to the DWO family.

Courtney Deane


Brenda Woody

Brenda Woody is a professional personal fitness trainer and motivational speaker with over 20 year’s experience. She is a Miss Michigan and Miss USA Bodybuilding champion, and a national record holder in powerlifting. She is the owner of The Better Life Fitness Center and lead instructor for Michigan’s Best Bootcamps. Brenda has appeared in many international magazines, FLEX, Women’s Physique World, Muscular Development, MuscleMag Int., and others. She is a motivational speaker for any size group or business, having spoken in front of crowds as large as 8,000 people. She is a frequent health expert guest on FOX News, and has appeared on numerous TV network including: ESPN, PAX, Warner Bros., and FOX among them. Brenda helps people to be healthy so they can live life to the fullest.  Being truly healthy long-term are Brenda’s goals for you.

Brenda Woody

Randy Woody

Randy Woody is a professional fitness trainer also. He has over 25 years experience and has worked with all ranges of people—from the severely obese to Miss Universe. He is a former national competitor in bodybuilding, and a world class strength athlete. He is passionate about helping people reach their potential in life. He is co-owner of The Better Life Fitness Center along with Brenda. Randy is also known for his nutritional expertise in helping people lose weight or gain lean muscle. Randy has been in many magazines, both as an athlete and an author. He also has appeared on T.V. from local news casts to international networks. Randy is also a sought after motivational speaker who connects with both women and men. His life has been devoted to learning, practicing, and teaching people to achieve their potential and goals in life.



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We have recently changed our pricing options to make things even better for you!
We no longer restrict time of session you go to workout!

That is right, you can go to any of our 18 weekly sessions and don’t need to let us know ahead of time. Come 6 days a week if you would like.

We are committed to giving you the results you deserve and this is just one more way of doing so! When you sign up, please indicate in the comments section which time you anticipate going to most often.

-Each camp is 45 minutes long
-Bring water bottle and exercise mat

-There are no start and stop dates. (run continuously)

-Sign up the day before you start your first camp and bring your receipt with you.

-After joining, you must let us know 7 days before your next month starts if you decide you aren’t going to continue. If you don’t let us know, we will assume you will continue and you will be billed for the following month, 30 days after your initial purchase. This also applies to the 1 month programs.

-On the payments page, please specify which bootcamp time you are planning on attending most often.


Bootcamp Payment Plans            Bootcamp Session Times
$139.00 12-month Membership BEST DEAL
$169.00 6-Month Membership
$199.00 Month-to-month Membership
5:45am M thru F
9:00am M-W-F
5:45pm M thru Th
6:45pm M thru Th
7:30am Sat
9:00am Sat

Loop Hole! We will allow you to at any point before the 6 month or 12 month contract is over to opt out, by paying the difference between the 1 month and the 6 or 12 month memberships. For example, if after 2 months on the 6 month plan you decide to stop, you will just have to pay the difference ($40 X 2 Months = $80). This loop hole makes it an easy decision to sign up for the 12 month instead of just one month at a time.

9562 Telegraph, Redford, MI 48239 (next door to Pat Millikan Ford Dealership)
313-561-LIFE (5433)